Digital Growth Strategies. Leveraging digital opportunities to grow your business.

Digital Growth Strategies helps you identify and leverage digital opportunities that will grow your business. We offer custom-built solutions to adapt your business to today's context and strengthen your market position. Digital is key here, but maintaining a digital-embedded point of view instead of a digital-only focus is vital.

We help you determine digital opportunities & business strategies.

How do I determine the right strategic mix between online and offline, as far as available resources go?

Am I making the most of my internal data to help me determine optimal future strategies?

Can a more research-based approach help me make better-informed decisions?

We help you better understand your customers.

Do I know my target group’s wants and needs? Is my brand or service lagging behind because I’m not up to speed on what’s going on in their world? What are the key levers I should focus on?

Am I reaching my customer base with the right message at the right time? Am I reaching them at all or am I wasting resources? Are there other untapped segments I need to connect with?

What digital communication channels are best-suited for my specific brand? Is there a way to benchmark the added value that these channels would bring to my business?

We help you increase your competitive strength and market position.

Am I well aware of the latest digital trends that could impact my business? How can I make my business future-proof?

How am I ranking compared to my competitors in terms of digital?

Am I doing all I can to keep growing my business? Or am I too blinded by my short-term ambitions to see that my long-term strategies need to be adapted in order to survive and thrive?

Digital Growth Strategies combines the best of both worlds – the latest in scientific methods and vast business experience. We offer individual strategies to adapt your business to today’s world and maximize your overall current and future potential.


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Digital Growth Strategies combines scientific knowledge with business experience to offer tailor-made digital strategies to boost your business.



Business is evolving in the digital age, just as consumers are

The widespread use of connected devices and the predominance of social media platforms are transforming the way in which people consume information. And therefore the way that companies need to connect to customers to get their attention.


Digital-embedded, not digital only

In today’s world digital is the key lever for growth. It needs to be embedded in each aspect of your marketing and overall strategy in order to future-proof your business model. The challenge consists in clearly identifying the specific opportunities for your business and in identifying those digital levers that will boost your business.



Tailor-made strategies

We help you adapt your business to the digital era. Tailor-made strategies specific to your business model are what we’re all about. Our digital audit will reveal your company’s position on the digital spectrum. Our environmental analysis will identify current and future digital opportunities for your business. Our personalized, tailor-made marketing strategy will show you how to leverage these digital opportunities.


Combining latest in scientific methods and vast business experience

Our expert team of committed collaborators features the perfect combination of high-level scientific knowledge and extensive business experience. Our eagerness to share that knowledge and experience is what drives us. Our hands-on, flexible approach guarantees a detailed, tailor-made strategy sure to boost your business for years to come.




Digital Growth Strategies offers individual, tailor-made digital strategies, trainings and workshops to maximize your digital opportunities.

Tailor-made Solutions

The digital world is constantly changing. So are your goals and priorities. This requires an ongoing, never-ending process of determining the best strategies to achieve your goals. Hence, at Digital Growth Strategies we focus on digital advancement based upon a continuous reevaluation and redefinition of goals within a holistic digital strategic approach.

Interactive Workshops

Our in-house sessions, trainings and workshops are geared towards inspiring you and your team. Ranging from inspirational sessions for businesses contemplating whether to invest in digital communication and marketing, to hands-on trainings for those who’ve already decided to do so, and interactive workshops for businesses needing help to make a well-informed choice between the digital opportunities available to them.